Protecting Forest In Florida

When someone thinks of Forests they never think about Florida. Florida has an abundant number of trees and different tree species. Many different Oak trees, palm trees and even tall pine trees grow well in Florida. These trees are vital to clean air, habitats as well as the beauty of the state.

When people think of Florida they don’t think of forest, but they do think of beaches and probably Disney World. Florida has many protected trees where a homeowner cannot just cut it down. Live Oaks for example require permits from most cities and the only way to get a permit approved is by a strict list of requirements. Some of these requirements may include that the tree is dying and has been looked at by a certified Arborists. The oak tree is causing structural damage to a house, commercial building, street, sidewalk or driveway. Sidewalk damage along might not be enough to get a live oak tree removed.

Lightning strikes – Every year palm trees and oak trees are struck by lightning and most do not survive the hit. A lightning strike is usually enough to get a permit approved as long as a certified Arborist from the city inspects the tree. Oak trees are very strong and can take a lot of damage before they begin to die off.

Homeowners in Florida are required to maintain the trees on their properties whiles cities are required to protect their local forested areas. With strict rules, regulations and requirements; trees in general in Florida are well protected. It takes a professional tree service to remove large oaks, palm trees and pine trees and most licensed providers in Florida will know the permitting process and how to apply for a permit for the homeowner.

How To Prevent Deforestation

tree in a forest

Trees have been around for millions of years, even longer than humans. Long ago, you can always find forests with trees that are so tall and healthy. Trees are essential to humans and animals in every way. They give life, food and shelter to every human and animal. They provide oxygen for people to breathe and absorb carbon dioxide that came from humans, cars, and many others. They also absorb other pollutant gases that may harm human health and the atmosphere. They reduce heat by providing shade to our homes and buildings. But aside from these, they are also used for industrialization.

Trees are being cut for the production of wood and timber which are used in building structures. They are also used as firewood to produce fire that will keep humans from the cold and wild animals. Humans learned to make charcoal from burnt wood that will be used in manufacturing weapons. Materials used for the construction of boats, carriage, and other means of transportation came from trees. Because of the increasing demand for wood and other products made from the parts of a tree, deforestation became rampant. In an instant, rainforests in different countries have declined dramatically. More and more trees were being cut to make way for buildings, roads, and houses. While industries became successful, living conditions for animals became worse. Natural habitats and biodiversity are vanishing. Several species of both plants and animals have gone extinct. Pollution has increased immensely especially in industrialized countries. Deforestation has led to climate change and global warming which affects all living organisms. It is time to change our ways and do something to stop people from destroying the world we live in. Here are some ways to prevent deforestation.

Use Recycled Items

Nowadays, few companies have started to manufacture paper, books, and grocery bags from recycled materials. By purchasing and using recycled products, more companies will no longer use new and raw materials in manufacturing items.

Tree Care

Stop cutting trees especially the young ones. Do not cut trees unless it is for safety reasons.


During the winter season, use charcoals instead of firewood for making a fire. Fallen logs can be used in making coals. Also, the use of coals is better than firewood because it last longer so cutting of more trees or logs will be lessened.


Start planting trees. Every single person should start to plant and care for a tree. This will help replace the trees that have been cut down and regrow forests.

Become an Advocate

Become an advocate of reforestation. Spread the word. Raise awareness by educating your friends, family, relatives, schoolmates, teachers, officemates, and every person you know. Use social medias and share so it can reach everyone and they will see how things really are.

Support Conservation Organizations

There are several organizations that are doing efforts to preserve and restore forests. Some of these are Greenpeace, World Wide Fund for Nature, Community Forestry International, and Conservation International. So, find one in your town and give them your support through contributions of your time, money, or actions.